Customizable Heart Ring

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Size: 4
Material: 925 Silver
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Thank you for choosing Diligems to create your very own custom heart ring. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to craft a unique piece of jewelry that truly reflects your individual style!

The process is simple:

1. Please place your order choosing the main heart-shaped stone color, metal options and size.
2. Once your order is placed, an email will be sent to confirm the purchase. This email will allow you to select your desired colors for the secondary stones (like and dislike) and indicate your preferences for initial engravings.

If you are having difficulties placing your order, please contact us at or INSTAGRAM (@diligems)


Stone Size: 10mm
Stone: Synthetic lab stones

- Each ring is made to order, custom made and individually crafted with care and attention to detail, so please allow up to 1 month from order confirmation to delivery
- Custom products cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded